Intro: Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

Heal and replenish your body’s needs through Richter’s Intravenous Vitamin Therapy. Proven to be one of the best alternative methods of improving your health naturally, the vitamin and nutrient infusions will restore your system to mint condition.

This intravenous therapy works by administering the necessary nutrients—from vitamins to amino acids—in the most efficient and effective way possible than just taking pills. The IV route is supplied with a higher concentration of nutrients which makes it more effective than being taken orally.

This allows the body to absorb the vitamins better and goes straight to the different cells living throughout your body making you feel much better and more importantly, enhances the immune system against any infection-causing viruses.


Why Celebrities Take Vitamin-C Drips?

Did you know that Vitamin C is essential in any celebrity’s showbiz career? Aside from strengthening the body, this nutrient’s job is to produce the “glue that holds the body together”—Collagen, as mentioned by Rianna Loving, the founder of organic skincare brand, ORGO Beauty. Being an antioxidant, this enriches the skin with improved elasticity and strength by producing solid blood vessels.
As great as it sounds, vitamin C is water-soluble meaning that the body does not accumulate it. That is why it is highly recommended that anyone who wants to get the best results, must intake it daily. Here are some other beauty benefits of taking Vitamin C:
  • It Promotes Hair Health
Vitamin C doesn’t just target the inside of your body, it also beautifies the physical appearance. If you want that strong and silky smooth hair, vitamin C will help hair growth and prevent drying.
  • It Makes You Look (And Feel) More Energized

According to Elisa Zeid, author of Younger Next Week: Your Ultimate Rx to Reverse the Clock, Boost Energy and Look Younger in 7 Days, “When you deplete your iron stores, you can develop and experience fatigue and weakness,” she says. This gives much value to vitamin C’s important mission in iron absorption. You may have those wrinkles, but don’t worry, the nutrient will delay signs of aging.

  • It Promotes Nail Growth

As Keratin is found in the hair and nails, vitamin C helps in maintaining nail growth. Loving states that the nutrient takes care of nails “by strengthening our skin, connective tissue, bones, and blood vessel walls.”


Vitamin-C Drip Therapy

January 1, 2016


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