The Healing Power of Sound

Richter’s Sound Wave Therapy is a type of alternative treatment that utilizes the power of resonance by transmitting vibrational energy to the human body. Nicole LaVoie, a French-Canadian researcher, international lecturer, and creator of sound wave technology, studied the effects of manipulating vibrations which induce healing effects on the body.

LaVoie has committed herself on sharing a simple, yet effective technique to those who are experiencing health complications through her book, “Return to Harmony: Creating Harmony and Balance through the Frequencies of Sound.”  Finding a solution to solve her son’s health issues, she developed a system which used sound frequencies and eventually cured her son.

The Science behind Sound Waves and Frequencies

Resonance is produced by creating frequencies and sound waves. The human body’s organs and cells resonate at a specific frequency and they are grounded on the principle of geometric frequencies of minerals, noble gases, amino acids, hormones, and vitamins. When these organs die, they will no longer vibrate in their usual frequency.

By aligning and balancing the body’s frequencies through waveforms, she deduces that it is able to produce beneficial effects on the body. The holistic alternative approach is able to:

  1. Increase vitality
  2. Improve blood circulation
  3. Induce calmness
  4. Generate wellbeing
  5. Promotes harmonious personal growth and empowerment


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Sound Wave Therapy

January 1, 2016


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