The Bio-zapper Therapy

Studies show that the average male body contains about 2 pounds of parasite creeping in the blood and other organs. They’re mostly hidden and are mostly responsible for the weakening of the immune system. The bio-zapper is an antimicrobial device inspired by Dr. Hulda Clark Ph. D. N. D. in 1995.

Her research depicts that every disease was caused by parasitic infection. Attempting to find a cure to even the most deadly disease like HIV/AIDS and cancer, she designed an electrical device with the help of her son intended to destroy parasites.

The Bio-zapping Process

The bio-zapper device produces electromagnetic energy that stretches from low to high frequencies. Higher frequencies go through the surfaces of the body while lower frequencies infiltrate deeper into the cavities. Type of harmful microorganisms destroyed depends on the range of frequency applied.

The patient shall be handed with the bio-zapper which comes with two handles called “paddles”. Both hands must be equipped with the handle before switching the power on. Once the zapping starts, the individual will feel vibrations. The zapping therapy usually takes about 20 minutes depending on the program which is designed for your condition.


Here are some benefits of using the Bio-zapper:

  1. Kills destructive and toxic microorganisms
  2. Boosts the immune system by energizing the white blood cells
  3. Improves health and increases resistance to the common cold
  4. More effective and faster than antibiotics
  5. Deals with infections resistant to antibiotics
  6. Purifies organs and systems
  7. Induces death to cancer cells by inhibiting cell division and multiplication
  8. Triggers the energy mechanisms of the body

Contraindications of Zapping Therapy

Just like the other therapies, Bio-zapping cannot be performed on patients who have any metal installed within them. Below are some of the contraindications of Bio-zapping:

  1. Patients with pacemakers
  2. Patients with personal defibrillators
  3. Pregnant women
  4. Patients with metals in their bodies.


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Bio-Zapper Therapy

January 1, 2016


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