Acupressure: The Touch Therapy

Emerging from the roots of Chinese medicine, acupressure aims to activate the body’s self-curative ability by pressing the healing points or acupoints located from the head down to the feet. Instead of inserting fine needles into the skin, like in acupuncture, acupressure mainly relies on the sensitivity and power of the hands, palms, elbow or feet to stimulate the muscles and nerves to relieve tension and body pain.

Healing with Acupressure

Many patients significantly support the use of the alternative technique as it improves a wide range of health problems. Here are some of the benefits of acupressure:

  1. Beautification – 5,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese used acupressure for beauty treatment. Their oriental beauty required much maintenance through enhancing muscle tone and increasing circulation through acupressure. Therapeutic facial exercises helps relieve tensioned facial muscles which lessens the risk of wrinkles showing up.
  1. Improved Sex Life – Acupressure helps lovemaking by enhancing fertility, arousal, and sexual endurance. Some studies suggest that the applying pressure in some parts of the body may help deal with impotency, sexual frustration, and other sexual-related dilemmas.
  1. Healing Trauma & Emotional Pain – Having quite a journey from day-to-day stress, trials, and problems? Acupressure not only helps alleviate physical pain, but also emotional pain which causes you to be inefficient and ineffective in any everyday activity.

Contra-indications of Acupressure

Though Acupressure is associated of inducing healing effects on the body, there are a few circumstances wherein pressure therapy cannot be administered to. Acupressure cannot be performed in the following circumstances:

  1. A person who is full after a whole meal
  2. A person who has rapid pulse rate due to exhaustion or shock.
  3. If someone is sick wherein infection is obviously present.
  4. Pregnant women
  5. An individual who has any history of cancer – THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE CONTRA-INDICATION


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Acupressure Therapy

January 1, 2016


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