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Our health care professionals will provide integrative care where our patients receive both alternative protocols and regular medical treatments.



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Welcome To Richter Alternative Medical Center


The 3 Principles:

  • 1st Principle – Detoxify Cells
  • 2nd Principle – Improve Blood Circulation
  • 3rd Principle – Rest for Healing

The 3 Principles of Health & Healing

The term Alternative Medicine, as used in the modern western world, encompasses any healing practice “that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine.” Commonly cited examples include naturopathy, chiropractic, herbalism, traditional chinese medicine, ayurveda, meditation, biofeedback, homeopathy, acupuncture, and diet-based therapies, in addition to a range of other practices.

1First Principle – Clean Cells Assist The Body Heal Itself. The cell is the smallest unit of our body. In order to be healthy, the cell must be toxic-free as possible. With clean blood circulating, the body’s natural capacity to heal itself is enhanced.

2Second Principle – The Blood Must Circulate Properly. In order for the blood to be able to supply the cells with the necessary building elements, it must circulate rapidly enough. To achieve this, we offer alternative medical services.

3Third Principle – Rest Is Necessary For Healing. The first symptom of all illnesses is tiredness. It is a barometer that tells us it is time to rest. Rest helps the body to recuperate and regenerate.

Meet Our Specialists

  • Naturopathic Medicine

    Cecilia A. Lucentales DSc. AM, CNP

       Iridologist & Naturopath
  • Alternative Medicine

    Ms. Salvacion Delfin – Naturopathic Practitioner

        L.B.A. Technician

“Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.”

— Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

Introduction: Our Services

Here at Richter Alternative Medical Center, we provide integrative care where our patients receive both alternative protocols and regular medical treatment. Everyone is welcomed with a good and homely environment and with the tender loving support of our staff.

Health & Wellness Services

Step 1: Detoxification & Cleansing

Here at Richter Alternative Center & Medical Clinic, we recommend the ff. treatments below as a first step to help your body heal by eliminating toxins, free radicals, parasites, viruses and harmful bacteria from your blood, cells and entire body.

Services & Treatments

Step 2: Improve Blood Circulation

After proper detoxification, the next step in the healing process is for your blood to be able to supply your cells with the necessary building elements, it must circulate rapidly enough. To achieve this, Richter Alternative offers the following treatments and services to aid you in improving blood circulation.

Services & Treatments

Step 3: Full Rest & Healing Process

To complete the whole process of healing and staying healthy during and after recovery, we invite all our patients and in-house guests to our healthy lifestyle programs and seminars. These includes rest and full health restoration through our health-care services mentioned below.

Health Care Services

NEW: Beauty & Skin Care Services

Want to look healthy and beautiful both inside and out? Well Richter Alternative’s new Beauty Services are great extra choices that would enhance your skin to make you looking younger and healthier in just a few sessions! Try out our beauty services today!

Beauty & Skin Care




  • Mr. Rommel Flordeliz

    Mr. Rommel Flordeliz - Lymphoma Cancer Survivor

    Diagnosed Year 2006

    Mr. Rommerl Flordeliz was diagnosed in 2006 with cancer of the Lymph Nodes (Lymphoma). Continuously losing considerable weight, he gave up all hope in ever gaining back his health. Several relatives urged him to seek treatment at Richter Alternative Medical Center. He went through the complete Detoxification Process. After several weeks, the mass of enlarged lymph nodes around his neck ruptured one at a time and eventually disappeared. He now lives a healthier, positive and prayerful. life.

  • Ms. Cristeta Lasay

    Ms. Cristeta Lasay - End Stage Renal Failure Survivor

    Diagnosed Year 2005

    Ms. Cristeta Lasay of Antipolo City was diagnosed in 2005 at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute with end Stage Renal Failure. She was advised to have dialysis otherwise she may have to undergo kidney transplant. Instead, she opted to undergo the treatment regimen at Richter Alternative Medical Center. She is now healthy and well without having to undergo surgical intervention.

  • Fr. Hermogenes Rafal

    Fr. Hermogenes Rafal - Multiple Organ Cancer Survivor

    Diagnosed 5-Years Ago

    Father Rafal could not celebrate Mass at his church in Imus, Cavite for 1 straight hour. He was suffering from multiple organ disorder i.e. prostate cancer, liver cancer, kidney and lung failure. Enrollment into the Richter Alternative Program of Cleansing, Strengthening and Nourishing saved his life. His Alternative interventions included Colon Hydrotherapy, Bio-Zapper Therapy, Vitamin-C Drip Therapy, Richter Juicing Therapy with 6-8 glasses of fresh fruits and vegetables daily and other Nutritional Supplements, plus Live Cell Therapy. Within a period of 56 months, all his organ functions were fully restored. Now committed to a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and regular detoxification, he continues to actively serve God through his ministry.

  • Dr. Engie Domondon

    Dr. Engie Domondon - Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor

    Diagnosed Year 2008

    Dr. Engie Domondon had stage-4 breast cancer and is now a survivor. This nurse who became a Medical Doctor was given only 6 months more to live. Chemotherapy in the US did not help her situation. Ten years after undergoing treatment at Richter Alternative Medical Center, she still gives thanks to the Lord for giving her a second chance at life. She took up Naturopathic Medicine and is now a Naturopathic consultant here at Richter Alternative Medical Center.

  • Mrs. Ederlinda Austrial

    Mrs. Ederlinda Austrial - Cancer Survivor

    Diagnosed Year 2009

    Mrs. Ederlinda Austrial is a cancer patient who was advised to undergo Chemotherapy. Instead, she stopped eating meat and started taking raw fruits and vegetables. Hydrotherapy Colonics and a change in her lifestyle transformed her life forever.

  • Mrs. Marina Andal

    Mrs. Marina Andal - Toxic Intestinal Problem Survivor

    Diagnosed Year 2013

    At 88 years old, Lola Marina experienced involuntary movement of the upper and lower jaws causing teeth chattering, while on antibiotic therapy for a bad cough. The chattering increased to a point that she could no longer eat well and even causing a tooth to crack. Lab tests and X-ray couldn’t help identify the problem. Instead of undergoing a CT Scan to examine her neural problem, she was referred to the Richter Alternative Medical Center. Iris analysis showed toxicity build-up in her small intestines. She submitted to 8 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy, Blood Detox with Vitamin C Drip Therapy and Bio-Zapper Therapy, Immune System boosting and Richter Juicing Therapy every 2 hours. After the 4th session, the involuntary jaw movements were markedly reduced; after the 5th, all such symptoms completely disappeared. Now at 91 years old, she continues to be strong and healthy with non-drug supplements, regular fresh juices, monthly Vitamin-C Drip Therapy and quarterly Colon Hydrotherapy.